• Julian71428

    I think I have logged more hours on this game than any other game in my life. I remember finding it on one of those 90's 1000 game shareware CD's in middle school, and I was hooked.

    One of my first attempts at hacking was figuring out how to "save" my character files to a 3.5 floppy to keep them so I could use wands of polymorph on my adventurer to get more powerful creatures (Swordsman, Fire Giant, and Fleisch(sp?) FTW!!!) Find a wierd fume and hold down the 5 until I had 16 fingers, 5 eyes, and about 100 sex changes, extinct mind moss and archmages, and run through piles of faleryn(sp?) to level up. Enchanted scrolls of identification, YES please! RED BAG! A foldable ship that you cannot pronounce! It really does not get better than than …

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