Traps are scattered throughout the entire game, and may be triggered by stepping into the same tile as the trap icon. There is a small chance of detecting nearby traps, enhanced by wearing a ring of protection. The percentage shown on the ring of protection determines how likely you are to discover a hidden trap on any given map tile on any given turn. The percentage behaves as an item enchantment and can be improved, to a max of 100, with scrolls of blessing (-1 to +2 depending on cursed/blessed status) or enchantment (+5 to +15)

There is a chance to evade or escape triggering most traps, and the levitation ability dramatically increases this rate. You may deliberately trigger a trap you evaded (or re-trigger a permanent trap) by using the Down Stairs key.

Icon Trap Effects Result
Arrow trap arrow This fires one arrow at you. disappears
Roof trap collapsing roof The roof above caves in and buries that spot and several surrounding ones in rubble. This will destroy items trapped underneath the debris, even if removed with a pick-axe. transforms
Ice trap frost A blast of ice destroys or damages items, especially potions, and damages those who are not cold-resistant. remains
Flame trap flame A gout of fire destroys or damages items, especially scrolls and potions, and damages those who are not heat-resistant. remains
Lava trap lava This floor is now lava! Lava damages those who are not heat-resistant. transforms
Monsters trap monsters Monsters pour into a room from all sides, usually (always?) of one species. transforms
mist Mist seeps out of the ground and alters your character. Effects include the following:

- Cure all ills (as per Blessed Potion of Curing)

- AC permanently modified up or down by 1

- Insanity (forced to move randomly for 20-30 turns)

- No effect

[Other effects may exist]

Trap spikes poison spike Poisoned spikes snap onto you. Damages you if you're not poison-resistant. disappears
Trap phase phase Transports you to a square bounded by rock on all sides. disappears
Trap pint pit A hole in the ground from which cannot fight. Throwing a grappling hook or teleporting are quick escapes, but you can eventually climb out without other aid. remains
Trap quicksand quicksand A quagmire leaves you struggling uselessly to move. You will sink to your doom, unless you throw a grappling hook, teleport away, or terraform the earth beneath you. remains
Trap stun stun Gas traps stun you for a few turns. disappears
Trap teleport teleportation A wormhole brings you to another random point on the level. If wearing a ring of locus mastery, you can choose your destination (and may wish to deliberately trigger the trap by pressing >.) remains
Trap door trap door A hidden passageway drops you into a lower level. Usually only present in the Halls of Grynr and the dungeon. May rarely appear in the southern forest. remains
Trap water water Fills the room with Water pours into the room from vents near the ceiling as the doors slam shut. The room floods from the outside edge, one square per turn. Swimming or Skidbladnir can save you. transforms

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