Many roguelike games have an incentive for the player to keep moving, to discourage super slow and cautious play, such as a limited supply of food or location-based hazards that need to be avoided by moving to the next area.

In Ragnarok, the hazard is... well... RAGNAROK! It's the end of the world as we know it, and you may feel fine, but you certainly won't if the evil gods have their way. The good gods are at a disadvantage since they lost all their toys. Time is ticking, go find some artifacts!

The magic numberEdit

In Ragnarok, the endgame will begin at turn 20,000 unless you attempt to start it earlier. When turn 20,000 arrives, you will receive a message about the final battle. If you have not reached Vigrid to deliver the artifacts to the gods, then the evil gods will automatically win and end the game around turn 25,000. When you reach turn 20,000 you are strongly advised to make your way to Asgard even if you have not completed all the quests yet, as it is possible to win the game without succeeding in all 6 of them.

The battle begins as soon as you reach Vigrid, leaving you about 80 turns to deliver all remaining artifacts. Chug a few potions of speed and wear an amulet of quickening before venturing into Vigrid, because now every second counts! Also, the evil gods will instantly kill you if you step next to them. Don't do that. Teleport at your own risk(Locus mastery is useless here).

Items of noteEdit

According to legend, Heimdall's horn Gjall signals the onset of the final battle Ragnarok. This is indeed true: using the horn yourself is not recommended as it immediately advances the turn counter to 22,000. When you hand it to Heimdall on Bifrost, the turn count will advance to 23,000.

The two cubes, blue and grey, can manipulate time in less drastic amounts. The blue cube randomly rewinds the turn counter by 1-100 turns; this effect happens roughly every 200 turns while it's in your main inventory. This is incredibly helpful! On average, the blue cube will extend your remaining turn count by about 25%. The grey cube, on the other hand, advances the turn counter by 1-500 turns when it fires; which is terrible. There is no reason to ever pick up the grey cube unless you plan to enchant it into the orange cube in order to reach the Wasteland.

Manipulating one's speed is also a way to buy additional time. This can be accomplished by using one or more of: an amulet of quickening, a potion of speed, or polymorphing oneself into a faster creature.