To use or view a skill, hit u. You can also view your skills by hitting C or by clicking the Self button.

See also Abilities and Powers.

Most of the skills in this chart can also be obtained from a scroll of knowledge. If you have not yet learned the level 9 skill for your current class, the scroll of knowledge will give you one of your own class skills. This is a waste of a rare item. In order to maximize gains from scrolls of knowledge, wait until level 19, 29, 39, etc, so that you have learned your level 9 skill but not yet changed to a new class.

Icon Skill Acquired from Description
Skill alchemy Alchemy
  • reach alchemist level 9
  • read a scroll of knowledge
Gives you recipes for creating special potions.
Skill cartography Cartography
  • read a scroll of knowledge
  • eat a dead breleor
Intuitively know the features of terrain surrounding them.
Skill diagnosis Diagnosis drink an alchemist potion Take stock of a creature's state of mind, hit points, armor class, speed, ability to hit, and ability to inflict damage.
Skill embalming Embalming read a scroll of knowledge Preserve the bodies of the dead.
Skill fennling Fennling Combine two of the same wands into one with the charges of both. This skill is useful for reducing your inventory.
Skill fletching Fletching reach woodsman level 4 Carve arrows and bolts from the wood of trees.
Skill golem creation Golem creation Transform a corpse into a golem. However, not all golems can be kept under your control.
Skill husbandry Husbandry polymorph into a breeder Clone most forms of life instantaneously.
Skill ironworking Ironworking reach blacksmith level 9 Make various weapons.
Skill origami Origami polymorph into a swordsman Create certain kinds of allies.
Skill precognition Precognition drink an alchemist potion Gives you a sense of the quality of that object.
Skill relocation Relocation The ability to teleport at will. This skill cannot be overused; the energy needed to move yourself through rifts in the dimensions to a new physical location must be slowly recuperated. You also gain a resistance to teleportation.
Skill slave usage Slave usage create a golem This skill is useful for those with the skill of golem creation.
Skill taming Taming reach woodsman level 9 Allows you to attempt to tame a creature.
Skill ventriloquism Ventriloquism read a scroll of knowledge Confuses creatures as to your whereabouts, occasionally.
Skill writing Writing Create any magical scroll. The number of scrolls known increases with your level. Requires a stylus.
  • a: blessing
  • b: destruction
  • c: twelve gates
  • d: traveling
  • e: extinction
  • f: flame
  • g: switch bodies
  • h: dispel hex
  • i: summoning
  • j: identification
  • k: time stop
  • l: cartography
  • m: trap generation
  • n: pure evil
  • o: lava strike
  • p: recall
  • q: recharging
  • r: wonder
  • s: alliance

Additionally, the scroll of Transport may be created if the user has over 31 levels of sage.

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