Cost: $2000

Effect: Transport takes you to and from the bazaar below Midgard. You will not be able to leave until either all debts are cleared and unpurchased merchandise dropped, or all the traders are dead.


Cost: $2250


Cost: $1750


  • Only one scroll of transport can be created in a game. They spawn rarely, and can only be written by a level 36 sage.
  • By reading twelve gates while the reader is confused, gold will appear around the reader, accompanied by several wiers. If a scroll of transport has been created, the gold will not appear. (This information can be used to determine if it has already been created and overlooked by the player).
  • There is a second type of scroll of transport that is created when you wish for a "scroll of transport". It has the same effects as a scroll of pure evil, and can only be identified by trying to sell it (it's worth $12). Those scrolls are just relabelled scrolls of pure evil in the same way that the "blue stars" are relabelled shurikens.
  • You cannot read the scroll in the following areas (incomplete):

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