Cost: $5

Effect: Blinds you for 400-500 turns, decrements your morality, and has one of the following effects:

  • hexes and damages all items in your pack
  • makes 100 traps on the current level
  • sends you to Niflheim
  • surrounds you with migdnarts
  • changes items in your pack to worthless items
  • creates 100 monsters on the current level

Message: "You can no longer see. The air grows cold."


Cost: $255

Effect: Darkens every room on the level.

Message: "You can no longer see. The air grows cold."


Cost: $1

Effect: Destroys all yours possessions.


Effect: Summons denizens.


Pure evil never identifies itself when read, and it addles you too much for you to annotate it. It can accidentally be read over and over until it is identified before it is read.

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