Cost: $650

Effect: Exterminates entire races of beings. Extincting your own race ends your life. If humans are chosen and you're not human, all human monsters will be eliminated (berserker, summoner, magician, etc.).


Cost: $900


Cost: $400


Effect: Either brings a previously exterminated race back to life, or creates an arbitrarily-named monster that will have characteristics drawn from all existing monsters.

If no races have been exterminated and the arbitrary monster has been created and another extinction scroll is read, you will perish.


  • Destroying races always decrements your morality rating and calls forth a ranger.
  • Names of races can be specified in either singular or plural format (example: gnome or gnomes).
  • See Category:Extinctable for a full list of extinctable monsters.
  • See Category:Extinction Recommended for a full list of extinctable monsters that you should probably get to first.