To use or view a power, hit P. You can also view your powers by hitting C or by clicking the Self button.

See also Abilities and Skills.

Icon Power Acquired by Description
Power animation Animation drink an alchemist potion This power allows you to breathe life into inanimate objects.
Power dimension travel Dimension Travel Adventurers who possess the power to travel to the mysterious Crossroads can travel nearly anywhere in but an instant.
Power fire vision Fire Vision eat a black mushroom (temporary) Those who possess this power can send out fiery beams of destruction with a mere gaze.
Power heatrad Heat Radiation Adventurers who have attained this power may send out a blaze of heat in a sphere surrounding their bodies.
Power innate Innate Power transform into a creature with a power Innate powers are available to adventurers who have shed their human form and become another type of creature.
Power mind control Mind Control read scroll of knowledge Those who possess this power can force their will upon the minds of lesser creatures and control their movements.
Power psionics Psionics pick up a diamond needle Psionic ability is the power to engage in mental warfare. An adventurer having this power can blast the minds of other sentient creatures.
Power spellcasting Spellcasting reach conjurer level 1 (adding more spells through level 9) The ability to cast spells.
Power terraforming Terraforming Terraforming is the ability to instantly transform one feature of terrain into any other. Some powerful creatures can reflect or avoid this power when it is used as a mode of attack.