Cost: $500

Effect: Cures some hit points.

Message: "You feel better."


Cost: $750

Effect: Restores all lost hit points, and also cures the following:

  • burns from a fire trap
  • missing legs
  • vertigo (one potion of blessed curing is required for each time your brain throbbed from an encounter with a weird fume)
  • lycanthropy (either from a potion or a werewolf bite)
  • brain scarring (flashbacks from hallucination)
  • impregnation by a gorm
  • venom
  • loss of eyes, if fewer than two are present
  • deafness
  • contamination

Message: "You feel much better."


Cost: $

Effect: Damages you for some hit points.


All potions of curing will cure the following:

  • blindness
  • fever
  • withering
  • confusion
  • hallucination
  • inability to heal
  • rotting disease