Mon trader trader
State friendly
Known region(s) The Bazaar
HP 1155-2190
AC -50
Speed 25
To-hit -200
# of attacks 1
Damage base 11-350
Special att/def none

Wand cancels none
Corpse value 11

Description Edit

These traders run the Bazaar. They are far stronger and harder to defeat than your average trader. They do not trade anything; you'll buy what they have and you'll like it.

For your average day-to-day trader, see Trader.

Strategy Edit

Do not attack these traders... ever, really, since there are 8 of them in the Bazaar. Speed up, and throw projectiles from afar to soften traders up before combat. You cannot use black gems against these traders! They are immune to wands with the exception of annihilation.

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