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Mon scyld Scyld
State hostile
Known region(s)
HP 275-500
AC -5
Speed 10
To-hit -15
# of attacks 3
Damage base 18-50
Special att/def breath 20-80, ray 26-125, shockwave 1-999
Ray Resistances fire, all (without stone), displacement (with stone)

Wand cancels none
Corpse value n/a

Description Edit

Scyld has the following powers:

  • breath of freezing cold
  • deadly force rays from his eyes
  • ability to hurl you long distances
  • ability to send you to the depths of the Halls of Grynr

Strategy Edit

Scyld is invulnerable to all but the one who possesses the green stone. Do not approach Scyld without the green stone.

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