Mon magician magician
State hostile
Known region(s) underground
HP 55-90
AC 4
Speed 10
To-hit 40
# of attacks 1
Damage base 6-16
Special att/def none

Wand cancels polymorphing items
Corpse value 11

Description Edit

Magicians enjoy polymorphing your items, including the weapon you wield. If they feel threatened, they can summon archmages, sorcerers, and summoners to their aid.

Strategy Edit

Wearing a silver mantle or firing a wand of cancellation will deflect the magician's magic.

A magician can turn worthless items in your pack into valuable ones. First, drop all non-worn items which you do not want him to change (the magician's spell cannot affect items you are wearing). When your pack quivers, a transformation has taken place. Check your pack, dropping the new item if you wish to keep it. Once the magician has changed all of the items that you wish him to, do not kill him. Leave the level, being careful to write down where he is. Then, come back with more items later. Keep all the worthless items you can carry.

Notes Edit

I'm not sure about "summon powerful beings", but he definitely can transform items.

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