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Mon hela Hela
State hostile
Known region(s) Niflheim
HP 896-995
AC -30
Speed 20
To-hit -150
# of attacks 3
Damage base 55-100
Special att/def none
Ray Resistances fire, stoning
Ray Absorbs all rays
Wand cancels none
Corpse value n/a

Description Edit

Hela is the ruler of Niflheim; she resides in the southeastern section. She wields the most powerful weapon in the game, but is not very difficult to kill if you can survive her onslaught. She will call out to the souls of those you have slain to fight you again, and raise the walls of her domain up against you in battle. Hela grows stronger when struck with rays or breath.

See Quests for more information.

Strategy Edit

Make sure that you have the ring of soul trapping containing Thokk's soul when you arrive here. Wait until she offers to free a soul and choose Balder to be freed. Avoid getting bogged down in a battle against her creatures. Simply slay her (after she has freed Balder's soul), grab her scythe, and leave.

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