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Key Edit

In the pages below, the categories are:

  • State: Whether the creature is crazed, hostile, friendly, or neutral.
  • Known region(s): Areas where the creature naturally occurs.
  • HP: The range of hit points a creature of the specified race can have.
  • AC: The armor class for creatures of the listed race.
  • Speed: The speed at which the specified race moves (humans are normally speed 10).
  • To-hit: The modifier in the above HIT% formula. The lower this is, the more likely the creature is to strike another.
  • # of attacks: The number of attacks a creature gets per turn. For example: player speed = 10, creature speed = 20, creature attacks = 3; the creature will get 6 attacks per player turn.
  • Damage base: The range of damage used in the above DAM formula.
  • Special att/def: The damage a creature can do through its special attacks. These attacks are listed in their descriptions above.

More information can be found by clicking on the monster links.

Monsters Edit

Click the name to go to the monster page.

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