Ragicn conjurer


The conjurer is physically the weakest of the classes. Although she receives some great utility skills like teleportation and fennling, the conjurer's abilities alone are not enough to stand up to mid-to-late game difficulty. However, the utility of the class combines well with many other classes, making conjurer a reasonable choice to switch after mastering another class.


The spells that are available to the conjurer are as follows (cost listed in magic points):

Nr Spell Description Cost Learned
1 Set recall Casting this spell sets the level to which the player will return upon reading a scroll of recall. 1 point
2 Illusory self Creates an illusion of the spell caster that will act as an ally until dispelled. 6 points third level
3 Reflect Reflects part of physical attacks directed upon user. 11 points fifth level
4 Entomb Encloses each area of a level, causing those who have no means of escape to slowly starve. 13 points seventh level
5 Draw life Allows caster to drain life from beings touched bare-handed. 11 points tenth level


power of teleportation


  • HP = {27 - 30}
  • str = 10
  • mag = 10