Many of these conditions are found in the "Diagnostics" section of the "Self" screen.  Not all conditions are negative.

Polymorphism, Tinyness, and random teleportation are not listed under Diagnostics.

Issue Symptoms Causes Cure
Blind Listed in diagnostic screen.  Character can only see the square they're stepping on, can't read scrolls, and if they have "third sight", they can see the location of every monster on the map. Being eyeless, eating a red mushroom, reading a scroll of pure evil or Scroll of Odin As long as you aren't eyeless, drink a potion of curing.  Most blindness is temporary.
Brain Scarred Listed in diagnostic screen.  Randomly get hallucinations. Drinking a potion of Hallucination, . Drink a blessed potion of curing, eat an ivy creeper.
Confused Character moves, throws, and attacks in a random direction. Various monsters cause confusion, as does vertiginousness and consuming potions of mead and brown bats Drink a potion of curing, eat an ivy creeper.
Contaminated Listed in diagnostic screen.  You die  100 turns after getting this condition. Drinking a potion of contamination.  ("Your body emits a faint glow") Drink a blessed potion of curing.
Deaf Listed in diagnostic screen.  You no longer "hear noise", and are immune to enchantresses singing. Caused by exploding Gas Balls Drink a blessed potion of curing, war vest
Diseased Listed in diagnostic screen.  You regularly get the message "Your skin crawls with disease", and you take small amounts of damage. Being hit by, eating, or polymorphing into a Corpse Drink a blessed potion of curing.  Mitigated by ring of regeneration.
Dyslexic Listed in diagnostic screen.  All item and creature names are written backwards in game. Caused by drinking a potion of mystery Dyslexia reverses itself, drink another potion of mystery until you become dyslexic again
Envenomed Listed in diagnostic screen.  You die 200 turns after getting this condition. Caused by drinking a potion of venom while not immune to poison. ("That tasted like venom") Drink a blessed potion of curing.
Eyeless Number of eyes in character screen are "0".  Chronic blindness, not cured by regular potions of curing. Having eyes ripped out by a Kalvin. Drink a blessed potion of curing, be enveloped by a weird fume and get the message "you grow another eye"
Fading Listed in the diagnostic screen. You get a message telling you that you're vanishing from existence.  After a short period of time, you never existed. Being touched by a Vanisher. Quit, and reload the game at a point where you were not vanishing, and then read a scroll of extinction and wipe out the vanishers so it doesn't happen again.
Feverish Listed in diagnostic screen. You die 200 turns after getting this condition. Getting bitten by a Preden Drink a blessed potion of curing.
Fragile Your skin is brittle causing you to take double damage. Caused by Ivy Creeper drinking a blessed potion of curing
Hallucinating Listed in diagnostic screen.  Your character's vision area is covered in random images. Drinking a potion of hallucination, Nidhogg special ability Drink a blessed potion of curing or eat a dead ivy creeper
Insane You lose control of your character and they act randomly, using all your items, wielding, dropping, throwing, attacking, and discarding everything in your inventory.  Konr Rig's special ability.  Wand of wands special ray, eating a speckled growth,  Polymorphing into a Berserker. If your character coincidentally drinks a blessed potion of curing, or eats an ivy creeper during their rampage, they will be cured.
Immortal Listed in diagnostic screen.  Has no effect on gameplay until your character dies. Caused by drinking a potion of second life If you die, you will be ressurected automatically and immortality will be lost.
Impregnated Listed in diagnostic screen When attacked by a Gorm, many turns pass and all monsters nearby have wandered off.  After several turns, a gorm bursts out of your chest and you die. Eating makes it worse. Drink a blessed potion of curing.  
Legless Characters without levitation cannot move while legless Drinking a potion of mystery, having legs pulped by Anxarcule Drink a blessed potion of curing, wear the war vest.  grappling hooks and levitation can be used to move around at the normal per turn rate.  
Lycanthropic Listed in diagnostic screen.  Character randomly turns into a wearwolf and goes on an uncontrollable rampage. Drinking a potion of Lycanthropy. ("Your body is suddenly covered with hair")  Being hit by a Werewolf. Drink a blessed potion of curing.
Polymophed into something stupid, like a plant. Your character icon is no longer your class, and your name has been changed to add "the [monster]".  Your character's stats now reflect that of the monster whose icon represents you.  If you're an immobile plant, you get the message "You're slowing down" and the game ends after two turns. Being hit by a ray of polymorph, reading a scroll of wonder, drinking a potion of transformation.

In addition to various methods of polymorphing, wands of restoration will return you to your original human form, even if you're immune to rays.  If humans are extinct, this will kill you.

Randomly teleporting You teleport randomly.  Not listed in diagnostic screen. Wearing a ring of relocation. Eating a Knilb or Nymph. Remove any rings of relocation.  If problem persists, you shouldn't have eaten that knilb or nymph.  A ring of locus mastery (or teleport immunity from a scroll of wonder) can mitigate the problem.
Three inches tall
  • All your armor falls off
  • Your character sprite looks like a secitt.
  • You cannot carry anything except gold
  • Your stats are changed to HP 1, STR 3, AC -50
  • Your character name is suffixed "the tiny"
drinking a potion of mystery eat a magic cookie, polymorph yourself by eating a faleryn or get zapped by a polymorph ray (iridorns emit these from their eyes, so can pelgrats occationally)
Turning to stone Your character is becoming grey. Caused by various monsters, including Basalisks and Cockatrices. Eat a clay lump. Polymorph into a petrification resistant creature, eat a dead Hel Dragon.
Unable to heal Your character won't heal naturally anymore. Caused by Jacchus. drinking a potion of curing
Vertiginous Listed in diagnostic screen.  You randomly become confused Being enveloped by a Weird Fume and getting the message "Your brain throbs".  You can get this condition multiple times.  Effects don't stack, but you need to cure each one individually. Drink multiple blessed potions of curing until you get the message "Your brain throbs"
Withered Listed in diagnostic screen.  Your strength is reduced to 3, and potions of rejuvenation and strength don't help. Being touched by a Wight Drink a blessed potion of curing, and then drink a potion of rejuvenation.

In all cases, mist traps have a possibility of causing the same effect as a blessed potion of curing.

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