An amulet is simply known as "an amulet" until it's identified.

Each amulet weighs 300.

Amulets Edit

Name Effect Notes
eternal life Transforms you into a living statue, thus ending your game. Received when you wish for an amulet of ethereality or might, or eternal life itself.
ethereality Causes you to "phase", making it possible to walk straight through anything solid.
Eye of Sertrud An Eye of Sertrud is purely ornamental. It is eventually needed, however, to recover Mjollnir, Thor's hammer. By placing Eyes of Sertrud in each of five pits located within the Halls of Grynr, Mjollnir will be unlocked. See Quests for more information.
holding Bonds permanently to your throat, until it's destroyed or stolen.
infravision Gives you limited telepathy, allowing you to see monsters from afar.
might Adds 15 to your strength.
quickening Temporarily increases your speed. Eventually, this amulet transforms into an Eye of Sertrud (above).

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